Tuesday, September 30, 2014

First Zandalari Warbringer Solo

So Barlafumble has been working on her August Celestial rep - she has been holding onto the Reins of the Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent. It's a beautiful mount, but it's starting to stink up her backpack a lil' bit.

When the dailies were done and while waiting for Starre (slowpoke!!), I spotted one of the warbringers. Boredom kinda gets me into trouble.. and apparently I haven't had enough repair bills lately.. so I think "hey! lets kill it!".

I died twice. I didn't have a tank pet!! Flash is hanging out in the stables because I changed the ones I keep on hand for raiding.

So yeah, twice. Then it hits me.. THERE ARE TURTLES RIGHT HERE WHERE I'M DYING.

I never said I was smart..

Tamed a turtle and TA DA!!

Only took that one time with Turtle. He looks pretty smug with himself for having carried me through the fight.

And.. yes.. as I write this I realize that I could have changed Hamilton's spec from Ferocity to Tenacity in the very beginning.

I never said I was smart....

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