Saturday, March 29, 2014

Overlord's Plate

The final WoD account upgrade and my 3rd insta-90.

I'm torn on instant 90's, but since I had to upgrade three accounts, I wasn't about to let the upgrades go to waste.

Good: another Tiller farm means that I never have to farm for materials. YAY!

Bad: don't know how to play the toons. Honestly, this isn't so bad. They'll be living at Halfhill and I have two "mains" which is really all I have time for.


Meet Nicia, my new warrior. The swords are a Gnome-only Warrior quest reward.

Head: Overlord's Crown
Shoulders: Overlord's Spaulders
Chest: Overlord's Chestplate
Waist: Overlord's Girdle
Legs: Overlord's Legplates
Feet: Overlord's Greaves
Gloves: Overlord's Gauntlets
Tabard: Renowned Guild Tabard
Main Hand: Very Light Sabre
Off Hand: Very Light Sabre

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

On a roll..

Valastra is my "free" level 90 Rogue, and one I'm adding into my weekly rotation of solo mount farming. Monday was her first time in Karazhan. And look what she found!!

*scratches Karazhan off the list*

I'm not really that great with my solo mount farming (I'm easily distracted). Here's my current list of what I should be trying for:
  1. Weekly Runs
  2. Daily Runs (who am I kidding, I don't do these daily, but I REALLY MEAN TO)
Valastra doesn't really have anything for transmog and that "outfit" that Blizzard gave her for her instant 90 gear is HORRID. I just put this together really quick from the AH while I'm farming some tier sets.

Shoulders: Rugged Spaulders
Chest: Nocturnal Tunic
Main Hand: Butcher's Cleaver
Off Hand: Blade of Cunning

Friday, March 14, 2014

A bunch of stuff.

Two thousand, one hundred and forty-eight.

So far, I have collected 2148 pieces of BoE armor and weapons in my quest to be ready when we are finally able to "learn" an items' appearance instead of having to carry/keep items for transmog.

Am I crazy? well, duh..

Even tho this is just wishful thinking. Even tho Blizzard hasn't said they were going to do it.

Blizzard, are you out there? You love me don't you? Or at least my $45/mo payments? And the $$ from the race changes every few months?

If you care.. if you TRULY CARE.. you'll give me this "closet". Not void storage. Not just more bag space. I NEED A FREAKING CLOSET!

A walk-in one.. the size of a room.. or even a small garrison.

Oh, and if you could please throw in an achieve. Maybe something like "Barlafumble, the Essential Outfitter."

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Dude, Where's My Mount?

It's right here.. and here... and here... I can haz ALL THE MOUNTS.

Okay, not all, but I did add three more to my collection this last week because SOMEONE got herself the Reins of the Onyxian Drake and instigated further mount runs.

(okay, I cheated and bought the WOD expansion, so technically not a drop)

There are some mount runs that are just so easy and I'm still too much of a slacker to try for them. I'll work on that.. soon.. maybe I'll start this week.. probably.. we'll see.

And I'm still jealous of Starre's Onyxian Drake.