Tuesday, March 18, 2014

On a roll..

Valastra is my "free" level 90 Rogue, and one I'm adding into my weekly rotation of solo mount farming. Monday was her first time in Karazhan. And look what she found!!

*scratches Karazhan off the list*

I'm not really that great with my solo mount farming (I'm easily distracted). Here's my current list of what I should be trying for:
  1. Weekly Runs
  2. Daily Runs (who am I kidding, I don't do these daily, but I REALLY MEAN TO)
Valastra doesn't really have anything for transmog and that "outfit" that Blizzard gave her for her instant 90 gear is HORRID. I just put this together really quick from the AH while I'm farming some tier sets.

Shoulders: Rugged Spaulders
Chest: Nocturnal Tunic
Main Hand: Butcher's Cleaver
Off Hand: Blade of Cunning


  1. Grats!. Good luck farming the rest.

  2. Thanks! I need more WoW time.. there's just not enough hours in the day!! Or.. a clone! Yes!! I need a clone to go to work for me so I can play more!!