Friday, March 14, 2014

A bunch of stuff.

Two thousand, one hundred and forty-eight.

So far, I have collected 2148 pieces of BoE armor and weapons in my quest to be ready when we are finally able to "learn" an items' appearance instead of having to carry/keep items for transmog.

Am I crazy? well, duh..

Even tho this is just wishful thinking. Even tho Blizzard hasn't said they were going to do it.

Blizzard, are you out there? You love me don't you? Or at least my $45/mo payments? And the $$ from the race changes every few months?

If you care.. if you TRULY CARE.. you'll give me this "closet". Not void storage. Not just more bag space. I NEED A FREAKING CLOSET!

A walk-in one.. the size of a room.. or even a small garrison.

Oh, and if you could please throw in an achieve. Maybe something like "Barlafumble, the Essential Outfitter."

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