Friday, January 30, 2015


I was looking at random WoW stuff today and decided to look up my baby warlock (she's 99.. don't tell her I called her a baby!).

This is her picture on the armory:

She looks like she's having a pretty rough time, doesn't she? Like maybe she ate too much chocolate or something...

She started out transmogged, but she's in questing greens/blues now. I like the cloth questing sets and this "white" version is my favorite.

Shoulders: Shadowviel Mantle
Chest: "Fireproof" Venture Co. Robes
Waist: Shadowviel Cord
Gloves: Steamburst Gloves
Shoes: Fungal Resistant Slippers

Weird.. armory doesn't show the staff she's weilding. That's ok, I'm disappointed in it (Admiral Taylor's Staff of Wisdom) anyway, it looks like a Mists staff and nothing like I feel a Draenor staff should look like.

I suppose the Fireproof robe and Fungal Resistant slippers could be a clue as to why she looks to be in so much pain..

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

So... yeah.. there was an expansion that dropped a while back...

... you may have heard of it? Well.. I've been slightly obsessed about it, totally forgot about this blog-thing. I can't believe it was OCTOBER the last time I've posted! Well, only two people read this anyway, and I'm one of them :P

Here's Barlafumble at the start of WoD. This here armor itself spans several expansions :) There are a couple versions of the top (and the sets that go with them) and they're among my favorite pieces.

I'm really liking Draenor mogging for the most part. At least on Barla, everything she's picked up really FEELS hunterish. I'll get to that post soon, I promise.