Friday, February 28, 2014

Don't be mad...

After Dragon Soul tonight, I hopped over to Terokkar to see if I could do a quest for a cute cloth top transmog reward (I couldn't...*sigh*). So I poked my head into Heroic Sethekk Halls.. and look what I found!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Around (Everyone's) Azeroth

Oops! I did it again..

Okay, so it wasn't me this time, it was Nounours. Also, I apologize for using a Brittney Spears lyric... I don't know what came over me! It won't happen again, I promise.

We've been on a crusade to cause as much trouble as possible. It's been SO MUCH FUN, and I find myself looking forward to my Friday nights online.

Last Friday, we went into Firelands and Nou submitted a pic to Around Azeroth that Starre took . So, Yay! Second week we're on Around (Everyone's) Azeroth!!

Different pic, one I took:

Don't worry, I won't start charging for autographs (yet). Tho I can't promise that the fame won't go to my head...

Friday, February 21, 2014

Wee Beasties

I like to take pictures of my antics, but I normally don't submit them to WoW Insider/Around Azeroth. Starre and I were in Karazhan recently, and since I don't need a pet there, Sasha had a day off. I had fun with my Panflute of Pandaria :)

I've read that I could have something like 30 critters following me around - CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

Shoulders: Stalker's Chain Spaulders
Chest: Stalker's Chain Armor
Waist: Girdle of Ferocity
Legs: Stalker's Chain Leggings
Feet: Tsunami Boots
Gloves: Stalker's Chain Gauntlets
Ranged: Consortium Blaster

Wowhead link to the full set.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

In Preparation for Unlocking Item Appearances a.k.a. Wishful Thinking a.k.a. More Excuses to Hoard

Starre and I were talking a while ago about how Diablo Reaper of Souls will have this great transmog set-up: you find an item, you "learn" it, and every toon on that account will be able to use that appearance for transmog.

No carrying anything around in your bags, no taking up bank space or void storage.


Why is this not in WoW? Will it be someday?


And that is what I have been up to. 

I have my trusty (not so very) little spreadsheet, Undermine Journal open on one tab, Wowhead on another and the AH up on the cell phone. All. Day. Long. (Don't tell my employer. Or my husband.)

When that feature becomes available in WoW, I'll be ready. yes, I said "when"

Oh yes, I will be ready.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Barlafumble, Conqueror of Orgrimmar

Look at what I have!

Barla took a short vacation to Greymane and tagged along with Balkoth and others from Despotism. I am happy to say that I held on for most of the fight and only had to tank the floor at the very end.

I won't kid myself (or you) - they carried me. But LOOK AT WHAT I HAVE!

This was only my second time seeing this fight - my first time in Normal (previous time was LFR). I'm kind of chicken when it comes to this sort of thing. Barla is by far the one I am most comfortable with, but still, when I don't know a fight well, I fret. So I don't go. So then I don't learn the fight.

It's a vicious circle. I will do better.

So. Spiffy new title. Fluffy new mount. Really ugly tier helm.


Friday, February 7, 2014

Some changes..

Meet Braelei, my 82 Shaman. Doesn't she look angry? I think so, and I think it really represents how I'm feeling lately. I just want to go bash in some skulls.

Okay, yeah, I'm not fooling anyone - I've ALWAYS liked bashing in skulls, especially if I could skin them, too. But unlike that happy skinner Barlafumble, Braelei just leaves a trail of bodies behind her. AND SHE LOVES IT.

She and all of my other ladies have dropped the previous guild and are now in mostly alt guilds. Some remain unguilded (because I'm lazy) and Braelei is in Starre's guild because it's easier to stalk her from there. Barlafumble will be taking a vacation to Greymane this weekend for her Garrosh kill :) Yep, super excited about that one!! Yay title and mount!

Oh.. right.. Braelei.. This set is from questing in Mount Hyjal and is a recolor of the Earthen Mail set which I really like. I love love this shield - all broken & scuffed up from all the skull-bashing.

Shoulders: Scalded Rockscale Shoulderpads
Chest: Chestguard of Inscrutability
Waist: Coreforged Girdle
Legs: Rust-Scrivened Leggings
Feet: Impressive Greaves
Gloves: Gutrip Gauntlets
Main Hand: Golem-Shard Sticker
Off Hand: Speedbarge Bailer