Tuesday, September 30, 2014

First Zandalari Warbringer Solo

So Barlafumble has been working on her August Celestial rep - she has been holding onto the Reins of the Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent. It's a beautiful mount, but it's starting to stink up her backpack a lil' bit.

When the dailies were done and while waiting for Starre (slowpoke!!), I spotted one of the warbringers. Boredom kinda gets me into trouble.. and apparently I haven't had enough repair bills lately.. so I think "hey! lets kill it!".

I died twice. I didn't have a tank pet!! Flash is hanging out in the stables because I changed the ones I keep on hand for raiding.

So yeah, twice. Then it hits me.. THERE ARE TURTLES RIGHT HERE WHERE I'M DYING.

I never said I was smart..

Tamed a turtle and TA DA!!

Only took that one time with Turtle. He looks pretty smug with himself for having carried me through the fight.

And.. yes.. as I write this I realize that I could have changed Hamilton's spec from Ferocity to Tenacity in the very beginning.

I never said I was smart....

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Slacker Update

Yep, I am such a slacker. I've been playing, and I still transmog (even more than once a day!), I just haven't been posting.

I could say that I've been busy trying to get things done before the patch hits, but I'd be lying :P I am too easily distracted.

Starre has opened up Equinox to more people and that's turning out really well. I enjoy meeting new folks and I'm really hoping we end up creating teams for raiding, etc.

I sat down today and made a to-do list and it turned out pretty long. I stared at it, edited it a little, added more things, took other things off.

You know, I don't really need a list. There are TWO things I ABSOLUTELY NEED to do before the expansion.

  1. Finish the green fire quest on my warlock. I'm at the last boss and am having issues - I'm too slow/clumsy/uncoordinated/impatient and I die quickly. I've had him down to 74%...
  2. Obtain the Thundering Serpent Hatchling. This should be fun. This will require me joining a guild who has it unlocked, leveling a new toon and reaching Revered with them. There's a list over on WarcraftPets.com of guilds who will let people in just for the purpose of getting the pet. I think this is really great of the guilds who do that!!
I would like to get the legendary cloaks for at least the warlock and priest (I only have one and it's on Barlafumble), but .. meh... they'll end up getting replaced in the next expansion anyway, right? (please say yes)

Anyway.. here's what I've been up to:

Nequissime has been working on her Insane title. She went Disc and.. omg.. I've been queuing as HEALS. And I haven't even been yelled at yet.

Barlafumble turned Blood Elf, got the Pureblood Fire Hawk mount, turned Draenei.

Elsebeth has been working on the green fire quest. She used to love the Black Temple. Now all she wants is to get the green fire and use it to tear the damn place down stone by stone.