Sunday, April 21, 2013

OOooo pretty!

I was very excited to put this one together - just pieces from a couple runs Starre and I did today - and it turned out really beautiful.

Shoulders: Coral-Barbed Shoulderpads
Chest: Vest of Mounting Assault
Gloves: Valorous Cryptstalker Handguards
Belt: Cinch of the World Shaman
Legs: Valorous Cryptstalker Legguards
Boots: Tsunami Boots
Bow:  Golden Bow of Quel'Thalas

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Nefarian's sarcasm is so epic.

Spectacular Death ran Herioc Blackwing Descent the other day :) We didn't get to Nefarian/Onyxia, but we did get something even better:

Barlafumble, Slayer of Stupid, Incompetent and Disappointing Minions, the longest title in WoW, I believe. And the most epic! Sadly, it's only temporary, lasting 30 minutes or until death.

I haven't been able to get the full Giantstalker set. I had to cheat a little with the chest piece, but it turned out okay.
Shoulders: Giantstalker's Epaulets
Chest: Marauder's Tunic
Shirt: Bold Yellow Shirt
Gloves: Banded Gauntlets
Waist: Cinch of the World Shaman
Legs: Giantstalker's Leggings
Boots: Giantstalker's Boots
Bow: Black Bow of the Betrayer

Thursday, April 11, 2013


The last few holidays I've been quite the slacker - I didn't care to try for most of the achievements. Silly me, I didn't really pay attention to the Reins of the Violet Proto-Drake I'd get for completing several holiday achievements.

I have vowed to  complete all of the achievements for Noblegarden... and I did!! WOOOT! I am so happy and I never ever ever have to do this again.

Chest: Spring Dress
Shirt: Wound Dressing
Hat: Spring Circlet
Weapon: Spring Flowers

I like the way the spring dress looks with the wound dressing better than it did without it.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Here There Be Pirates

The other night we had a crazy-mog night and ran Blackwing Lair.

Nequissime was mogged as a pirate - I think I'll keep her like this for a while.
Head: First Mate Hat
Shoulders: Green Silken Shoulders
Chest: Crimson Silk Vest
Shirt: Red Swashbuckler's Shirt
Hands: Ebony Flame Gloves
Waist: Captain Sanders Sash
Legs: Coven Britches
Feet: Darktread Boots
Main hand: Tremendous Tankard of Terror
Off hand: Accountant's Lantern

I wanted the Corsair's Overshirt for this mog but couldn't get it.  Instead, I layered the Crimson Silk Vest (moggable but has short sleeves) and Swashbuckler's shirt (unmoggable but has long sleeves) since they have the same frontal design.

Here's the same look via the Wow Model Viewer and using the Corsair's Overshirt. The only difference in my final look vs the Corsair was the sleeves. I like the sleeves on the Corsair better, but overall I think it worked out pretty well.

Busy Busy Busy

Roowen hit 90, then the Thunder King patch hit, and then, and then, and then.... I could go on and on.

Roowen completed A Witness to History. This is a screenie of the cinematic of the Gate of the August Celestials when you first enter the Vale from Kun-Lai. Sadly it's all corrupted now and where we do our superfuntastic Golden Lotus dailies.

Roo's a... troll?!?! Right away I started working on scenarios to upgrade her ilvl and this was the first time I'd seen Dagger in the Dark. I've always had a secret crush on Vol'jin (sorry Thrall) and now we Alliance get to join in to help him out a little. I love how they kinda meshed the lore from the old Warcraft games here. He was a Shadow Hunter back then and when they brought Shamans into WoW (and made Vol'jin a Shaman) they gave them some of the Shadow Hunter abilities. In this scenario he uses some of the Shadow Hunter spells from Warcraft III.

Troll Week

Our guild had Troll Week all week in celebration of the Thunder King patch. We roamed a bunch of old troll content and I felt the need to mog into appropriate attire for the week. Now that I look back on it, it's really still more hunterish than trollish.

Shoulders: Pauldron's of Primal Fury
Chest: Val'kyr Vestments
Gloves: Grips of Chronological Events
Waist: Spiderlord Belt
Legs: Spiderlord Leggings
Feet: Softstep Boots of Tracking
Bow: Roc-Feather Longbow

Bone-r Night was one of our Troll Week events. A group of us headed over to the Isle of Giants for a few tours around the island to get some bones. Look at all the skeletons! When we first went out to the Isle of Giants, the boss Oondasta had over 800 million (!!!) health and took 4 or 5 40-man raids to kill. Because this caused the game to break (crashed/lagged servers), he's been changed to only about 400 million (!) and one really good 40-man raid can take him. The reason all these bodies are at the graveyard is because so far one of the best strategies is to pull him here for the fight.

I think only Gimm and I found Primal Eggs that day. You can only have one egg at a time and in three days, the egg hatches into one of three raptor mounts - Reins of the Black, Green or Red Primal Raptor. Gimms turned out to be Green while mine was Black. Here's the Black Primal Raptor mount alongside Elvis. They used the same skin as they did with the Ironhide Devilsaur.

We went back after our raptors hatched to try for more eggs. My second egg hatched into the Red Primal Raptor.

We also did some Isle of Thunder dailies as a group during Troll Week. I have to say I prefer dailies in groups rather than solo. This could be why my only exalted rep is Tillers (okay, I have Cloud Serpents exalted, too).