Friday, May 24, 2013

Another Monk Mog

I'm not super happy with the shoulders, but the ones I have in mind she can't wear until she's 90. *sigh* Guess I'll have to level her this weekend.

I've seen this top on a lot of monks. I was helping out Nounours with a transmog and I suggested this top for her. I was so jealous that she had it.. and the next day I realized that I'd had the top in my bags for who knows how long!

Observant I am not.

Shoulders: Shoulderpads of the Adventurer
Chest: Leather Tunic of Eminent Domain
Wrists: Furblog Fur Bracers
Gloves: Infectis Puffer Gloves
Waist: Red Belt of Gentle Persuasion
Legs: Warbear Woolies
Boots: Ballast-Laden Footpads
Weapons: Lockjaw (dual wielded)

Monday, May 20, 2013

Monk Mog

You have 5 minutes to pull a mog together for a guild run to Firelands. You're a Monk with a 'tude and spiffy fashion sense. What do you do? What. Do. You. Do?!

Why, you raid your void and bank for anything monkish or orangish of course! And I was pretty happy overall and I blended right in as I lay dead kept the ground from attacking the others during the boss fights.

Shoulders: Misthide Shoulders of the Stormblast
Chest: Flamestrider Robes
Hands: Misthide Gloves of the Zephyr
Belt: Misthide Belt of the Windstorm
Legs: Holistic Patchwork Breeches
Weapons: Truncheon of Five Hells (dual wielded)

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Drainee Dings 85

Barlafumble will always be my favorite. Really, I swear!

When Nequissime dinged 85 and started in the Jade Forest, she struggled. Neq died. A LOT. Neq still isn't 90 and only gets about 5 minutes of attention per day only because of the Imperial Silk cooldown.

Roowen was a little easier. Oh, she died (apparently I am not meant to be a clothie), but she was a little stronger than Neq and I actually made it to 90 as a mage.

And now there's Drainee, my Windwalker Monklet. OH. MY. GAWDS. I freaking LOVE HER. Drainee dinged 85 the other day:

Drainee is wearing the Eviscerator's Battlegear (no helm or boots) with an "invisible" pair of boots (Darkbrand Boots) and dual-wielding Fists of the Diety.

I probably won't mog her while she's leveling since she'll be switching gear from quest rewards.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Golden Lotus Exalted & More Mounts!

To say I've been slacking doing dailies is a bit of an understatement.. I flat out avoid them at all costs. Weird? Probably. Dailies give good gold and since I love getting mounts, why am I not doing them?! I could argue with myself all day...

I have a friend who rep grinds - it just amazes me the willpower (dedication?) that that woman has. Whatever it is, I just don't have it.

BUT.. mention in guild chat about killing anything and I'm there! The guild goes on Zandalari Warbringer hunts for a chance at the Reins of the Slate Primordial Direhorn that they drop. I'm sure there are other things that they drop just as useful or even better, but I'll I see/hear is "mount".

They also drop Insignias for Golden Lotus, Klaxxi, Shado Pan & August Celestial rep. I think it's just a trick to get me to do something vaguely daily-like, but it works! After a few kills, I hit exalted with Golden Lotus!

So... I get to kill things, skin them AND get reputation. I don't know what to say, I'm just speechless. More please?!

After we were done, I hopped over to the GL Quartermaster and picked up a few mounts:

And this put me at 100 mounts, so in the mail I got:

Mog? Pftttt.. Barla is still wearing what I posted last. I just am so in love with that outfit that it's not changed yet.

Instead I've mogged my priest. Smashly was clearing Naxx for a mog, invited me to tag along and I picked up a couple pieces (psssttt, Smashly! There's a tier helm that drops there, can we go back pretty please?):

Shoulders: Miasma Mantle
Chest: Gown of Blaumeux
Wrists: Grips of Chaos
Hands: Coldwraith Handwraps
Belt: Belt of Transcendence (I'm not really happy with this piece)