Thursday, May 16, 2013

Drainee Dings 85

Barlafumble will always be my favorite. Really, I swear!

When Nequissime dinged 85 and started in the Jade Forest, she struggled. Neq died. A LOT. Neq still isn't 90 and only gets about 5 minutes of attention per day only because of the Imperial Silk cooldown.

Roowen was a little easier. Oh, she died (apparently I am not meant to be a clothie), but she was a little stronger than Neq and I actually made it to 90 as a mage.

And now there's Drainee, my Windwalker Monklet. OH. MY. GAWDS. I freaking LOVE HER. Drainee dinged 85 the other day:

Drainee is wearing the Eviscerator's Battlegear (no helm or boots) with an "invisible" pair of boots (Darkbrand Boots) and dual-wielding Fists of the Diety.

I probably won't mog her while she's leveling since she'll be switching gear from quest rewards.

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