Friday, February 21, 2014

Wee Beasties

I like to take pictures of my antics, but I normally don't submit them to WoW Insider/Around Azeroth. Starre and I were in Karazhan recently, and since I don't need a pet there, Sasha had a day off. I had fun with my Panflute of Pandaria :)

I've read that I could have something like 30 critters following me around - CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

Shoulders: Stalker's Chain Spaulders
Chest: Stalker's Chain Armor
Waist: Girdle of Ferocity
Legs: Stalker's Chain Leggings
Feet: Tsunami Boots
Gloves: Stalker's Chain Gauntlets
Ranged: Consortium Blaster

Wowhead link to the full set.

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