Tuesday, June 25, 2013

For Python!

I'd like to think that I come up with creative names. The truth is, is that when I think up names I like, I tend to use them over and over.. which keeps me from thinking up new creative names. I noticed this when reviewing all of the toons that I've ever created in WoW (and in other games). Thankfully, we have a 50 character limit (I think) per account, so I can't put a Barlafumble on every server (which.. I wish I could.. cuz it's MY name dangit!).

Isayni has always been a favorite name of mine because I think it's pretty creative (pats self on back). Monty Python was a huge influence as I grew up (which explains A LOT). I-Say-Ni as in the Knights who say Ni. And she's a Death Knight. Get it?!


I envision my DK as always being in something dark. There will be no shiny gold on this chick. EVER. Starre gave me this really nice-looking breastplate and I will be working on a mog around it. Isayni is still questing and leveling and doesn't have a lot of gear yet, but she's keeping her eyes open!

Wrist: not shown

WTB invisible plate boots.
Yay! for invisible plate belt!

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