Monday, April 25, 2016

Shiny new gun on stinky ol' Barla.

Poor Barla.. I haven't changed her transmog since my last post in February. She must be pretty smelly by now.

Sorry about that (if anyone is actually reading this - LOL).

BUT I wanted to show you my new gun! Shiny!!

The Xorothian Firestick can only be obtained if you know or can find a Warlock who has completed the Dreadsteed quest back in Vanilla. The boss can still be summoned if that lock either has the items or can buy them from Gorzeeki Wildeyes in Burning Steppes.

There is the Crystal Slugthrower which is BOE, but has been removed from the game when Cataclysm hit, and if you're very very very very very very very lucky, you might find it in the AH.

The only other unique item that this boss drops is a shield - the Dreadguard's Protector.

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