Sunday, March 29, 2015

Banker Auction Alt - Barlaroo

I don't think I've posted anything about my bank alts (yes, I have more than one). Barlaroo is my main banker who handles my auctions.

Head: Rhinestone Sunglasses
Chest: Calico Tunic
Wrist: Gem Studded Bracelets
Hands: Calico Gloves
Waist: Calico Belt
Legs: Calico Pants
Feet: Calico Shoes
Off-hand: Ornate Drinking Stein (because if you spent all your days standing next to Philip Luke, you'd need a drink, too!!)


  1. Ahh so this is the Calico stuff you've been looking for lately. Seems almost a shame it's on a banker unless of course you have another set stashed?

  2. You know I do!! The top actually has a moggable version, the Farmhand's Vest (